Fire Alarm Maintenance Southampton

Fire System Maintenance

FST carry out fire alarm maintenance in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Fire system maintenance is carried out under a fire alarm maintenance contract giving you peace of mind that your fire alarm system maintenance is taken care of - you're in safe hands.

What is Fire Alarm Maintenance?
A routine service visit to maintain the fire alarm system to BS5839 to ensure it operates effectively.

Where is Fire Alarm Maintenance needed?
On any fire alarm system installed, from a basic mains interlinked detector system through to multiple panel sites.

Who is able to conduct Fire Alarm Maintenance?
A suitably trained competent engineer.

Why is Fire Alarm Maintenance required?
Any fire alarm must be in good working order. There are penalties for non-compliance.

When do you require Fire Alarm Maintenance?
The relevant British Standard recommends six monthly. However, where the fire alarm provides a compensatory feature, the fire risk assessment is likely to recommend quarterly.