Fire Alarm Servicing Hampshire

fire alarm servicing hampshire

Fire & Safety Testing carry out fire alarm servicing in Hampshire. Our fire alarm service includes the maintenance of all fire alarm devices over a twelve-month period, usually carried out in 2 or 4 visits. We help ensure all the elements of the fire alarm are in working order, including smoke and heat detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and panels.

We have the ability to carry out fire alarm servicing in Hampshire for all conventional fire alarm systems and all open protocol addressable systems. This makes managing multiple sites straightforward as you don’t need multiple alarm providers.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Hampshire

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Hampshire

It’s imperative that your extinguishers work correctly in an emergency situation, FST can carry out fire extinguisher servicing.

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What is Fire Extinguisher Servicing?
An inspection of each extinguisher unit to check and remedy necessary key indicators.

Where is Fire Extinguisher Servicing needed?
All fire extinguishers should be maintained to current British standards.

Who is able to conduct Fire Extinguisher Servicing?
A suitably trained engineer.

Why is Fire Extinguisher Servicing required?
Any fire extinguisher must be in good working order. There are penalties for non-compliance.

When do you require Fire Extinguisher Servicing?
Extinguisher maintenance should be conducted on an annual basis. An extended or overhaul service may be required for certain types of extinguishers every 5 or 10 years.