Fire Safety Risk Assessments

Whatever type of business you operate, the chances are that you are an employer responsible by law for protecting the health, safety and welfare of those who work for you. Everyone is responsible for health and safety at work but if you are an employer it is incumbent on you to appoint a responsible person who will be accountable for the safety and welfare of your employees.

Our engineers can carry out the routine checks required on a weekly and monthly basis, reporting findings to the responsible person.

Health & safety signs

Health & Safety Routine Inspections

At the frequency and detail specified by your own Health & Safety adviser, we can carry out, identify and record potential hazards within the common areas of the property, such as stairwells, landings, plant rooms and car parks. We will liaise with your Health and Safety responsible person and agree a bespoke check list, combining these visits with our other services, allows us to provide you with a cost effective solution and helps you to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

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What is a Health & Safety Routine Inspection?
A regular visual inspection to help ensure health & safety standards are being adhered to.

Occupational Health & Safety

Who is able to conduct Routine Health & Safety Inspections?
A competent person.

How is a Routine Health & Safety Inspection conducted?
It involves an inspection of the requested item or area of the premises, followed by documented reports.

Why are Health & Safety Routine Inspections required?
To help reduce the risks to people and premises, and assist in complying with the Workplace Regulations. There are penalties for non-compliance.

When do you require Routine Health & Safety Inspections?
Generally monthly or as recommended by your risk assessment.